Welcome to The Kind Wall

Say Something Kind all it takes is one random kind word at a time

Address Someone Personally and Say Something Kind

  • Address someone by name in the Forum where members SHARE, RECEIVE, and ENCOURAGE kindness by using words to break the cycle of retaliation, gossip, bullying, and suicide.
  • What you say is up to you, as long as it's pure...a simple compliment will do.  By providing complete anonymity and freedom, the KindWall Forum is a platform to extol even the tiniest compliment to someone you might otherwise never say to them - maybe a complete stranger, friend of a friend, enemy, frenemy, family member, coworker, or even someone you are close to, or ANYONE!

Likewise, search for yourself in the KindWall Forum and feed your soul and elevate your self-esteem.

Respond to people (even our enemies) with KIND words to help break the cycle and stop treating people so poorly.  Many times you will discover that the right actions lead to the right feelings.

Two Reasons We Criticize Others: to fix people and to make us feel better about ourselves.

Be a Hero

Iron Sharpens Iron as Man Sharpens Man

Seek the beauty in strangers, acquaintances, family, and post it to them on the KindWall.

To contribute in the KindWall, you must register (registering blocks robots from spamming). But remember, Anonymity allows the writer to speak freely - so using an ALIAS is encouraged.

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