Changing Your Perception Will Change Your World (Literally)

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What you see is what you get…

Could it be that something so simple as changing your perception could actually change your world?  Or is the simplicity of the concept exactly what steers people clear from exercising it?

Sure, expensive psychotherapy and life coaches certainly have their appeal, and the best ones are the best because they’re skilled at getting their clients to do one foundationally important thing: change their perception.  Perception is EVERYTHING.Abraham_Lincoln323

When you think about your problems, or the problems of others, you are going to see problems because by thinking about them you are searching for them.  And if you are searching for problems your mind will create problems for you, even when there is no problem there—because if it didn’t you would think you’re going crazy.

So problems will show up for you, thusly affirming your thoughts, and you will continue on this gloomy cycle noticing faults and finding issues with everything, because what you see is what you get.

When you’re looking at a giant problem that doesn’t exist—because you created it—you might as well be looking at Stalin in a thong standing in your bedroom…he isn’t there, either.

But I do have a problem and I know it exists.

If your car is broken down, you may very well say that it’s clearly a problem.  It is a problem only because you're perceiving it as one.  But what if you look at it like an opportunity to:
Bruce Lee222A) Learn something in the process.  It is very probable that you’ll learn something during this situation with your car.  This new knowledge will come in very handy one day, or you may pass it on to your child, whom it will come very much in handy for one day.
B) You gain a new car.  You finally decide your car is a bottomless money pit and you buy a new one.  Or, you tell your family/friends what happened to your money pit and somebody helps you get one.
Or, C) You choose to walk, bike, or bus it to work/school/grocery store.  You will get a car one day, but for now, you can manage by other means of transportation (as so many people in the world do everyday) and in the meantime you’re saving money!

And wouldn't you agree the likeliness of any of these happening is highly probable?  If not these outcomes, how probable are the other options? You get hit by a car, your life turns to shambles, or you never get a car again?

It’s all about your perception.

Become limitless

When we perceive situations as problems we are limiting ourselves, ultimately giving up our own power.  You certainly don't want to limit yourself and nobody should ever willingly give up their power.  You have the power to work on perceiving your Walls2circumstances differently.  Stop adding extra meaning to (especially neg. meaning!) to your situation and start to look at it as what it really is - a situation - a blank situation. An opportunity.   - Opportunity to learn, grow, and change. 

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