5 Keys To A Successful Life

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How to be Successful In Life…Regardless of Finances.

The 5 Keys to a successful life you won’t find in “secrets to success” books, but are vital to true success.

It’s all too easy to get caught up in the mini-whirlwinds of society’s low standards… what kind of car, clothes, job, house do you have, and in what part of town??? – These are very low-grade achievements.  They are achievements made with money that may or may not have been made fairly, that serve no greater purpose, and they are material achievements that can be taken away by Mother Nature, the repo-man, the bank etc.


  1. You volunteer or donate some of your money, or time, to charity. When we give to the poor we are working with the flow of society instead of against it. Against it would be doing whatever it takes to consume more money and possessions for yourself—dividing you from humanity. But, when we give, we are in harmony with the intention of the earth, which is abundance and ease. Plus, to feed a hungry belly and put a coat on a homeless person feels exceptional.
  2. You have one or two friends or acquaintances, who call you to vent. Some people may get these calls almost daily, others not so much.  If you are of the former, you may feel like it’s not a big deal when your girlfriend calls to tell you about her horrible day – everyday – but it is. You have shown to be a safe source for confinement to at least one other person. Somebody feels comfortable enough to be weak around you, when it is in our chemical makeup to want to hide when we’re weak. Be there for them when you can. You don’t have to absorb the information and carry it around with you all day; just don’t take for granted the important role you have to be support for another – support that is vital to our quality of life.  Many individuals who are in a position of authority feel they can’t show their real self and expose weakness, emotion or fear because, in some way, they feel their reputation is at stake.  Sadly, these people often end up becoming severely depressed.
  3. You’ve been humbled enough in your own life experience. When you have, you’ll know it. To me, this point came for me last year, when I turned 31. At this point you stop judging others, not because you’ve been there necessarily, but because you know at any point in time, you could be. These humbling life experiences are what molds fine character, and are what equip us with insight and empathy – substance that makes us of true value to the rest of the world.
  4. Your job makes you happy. I don’t know when it became commonality to hate our jobs – but hating your job, is also going against the our inherent intention. The intention of life on Earth is abundance and ease. Plants don’t strain to grow. On the contrary, they grow beautifully and magnificently perfect with great ease. And Earth has more than enough substance to feed and support every living thing on it, (although, hundreds of thousands are starving—this didn’t happen by anything other than man and greed). Sometimes, all it takes is an interest, so follow that. If you know what makes you feel alive and free—art, writing, driving, selling, serving, sailing, skiing etc.—do that for a living! Your life will become pleasurable, and everything else will fall into one big happy place. To support ourselves, we were all given characteristics, gifts, or passions—purpose. For the longest time, well into my late 20s, I thought I had been skipped when passion and skill were handed out. I was a model and I couldn’t accept that was all I had to offer society—it really bummed me out. After becoming pregnant with my second child I decided to go to school for a degree in broadcast journalism. In pursing that I later found that I LOVED to write. So I write for a living from my house.  I’m not rich, but I thoroughly enjoy my time with my kids, and not having to get dressed up every day.  I literally feel so happy inside that I physically feel it and when I work I usually have a smile on my face.
  5. You own it, and you don’t make excuses for yourself. When we’re officially grown up (it happens at all different ages), we own who we are. We own our mistakes, our faults, and any facet of what makes us an individual. We don’t make excuses because excuses are just ways in which we give away our power – our power to change and grow.

It doesn’t matter where you’ve been; it only matters where you’re going.  I came to understand that my past is what made me the mother, writer, supporter, the partner, the friend, and the kind person I am today.  We have nothing to be ashamed about.  We are all imperfect beings, and to act otherwise… goes against the intention and harmony of life.

Be happy first. Then be the things that are important, that benefit and promote unity.  You WILL enjoy your life.  Experience other things, other people, other interests, and find you’ll find your purpose.  We only have one life and one life’s chance to leave a legacy.

Having a fat bank account is not a legacy you’ll leave for long after you’re dead.  But enjoying life and doing for others is not only a great legacy that will be spoke of and passes on long after you’re gone, it’s a tiny act of one person for unity and the good of humanity; and all the grand movements in history were made by many tiny acts.

Live well.

By: Lauren Schroth

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