How to Bond with your Children & Create Rich Family Experiences at Home

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How to Bond with your Children & Create Rich Family Experiences at Home

“Food for Thought”

by: Michele True, contributing author

The heart is formed in the home. What happens there can leave our soul wanting and wounded or nourished and sustained. The answer of how to bond with your children is simple, and right in front of your (and everyone’s) face. The importance of the home in cultivating the long-term health and well-being of one’s spirit cannot be dismissed. With so many activities attended to outside the home and a quick drive-thru for dinner, for too many, the home has become merely a pit stop and a launching pad for the next day’s hustle and bustle.Family bonding busy dinner

In contrast, imagine if you will, a much more rich experience. A moment in time where a couple, siblings, or friends and relatives gather together at the family table to share food, conversation, and eye contact. How much more valued would everyone feel if attention was directed to them without the distractions of TV or texting, all being “present” for the event at the table? Can we agree that when a person feels valued, that person feels more confident? Whoever that is sitting at your table, being fed by food, validation, and insight will be strengthened and their chances of success in the world dramatically improved.

The main objective has nothing to do with the meal

Of little importance is the quality of the food, the beauty of the dishes, or the presentation of it all. It can be Chinese carry-out or a 7-course meal. The main objective is to get the family home and at the table for a time to connect with each other. Take an interest in what happened in each other’s day. My daughters and I have some of the best memories from what occurred at the table. We learned so much there about each other and about ourselves.

Your family table doesn’t have to be your table

It can be picnicking on a blanket at the beach, sitting on your lounge chairs at the pool, or “your” table at a favorite restaurant. Dinner doesn’t have to be served on everyday dishes. I have several styles for different moods or events: fun colorful dishes, cold-water fish dishes and saltwater fish dishes, Girl’s Night dishes, romantic dinner-for-two dishes, and “souvenir” dishes. I have indoor How to Bond with your Children & Create Rich Family Experiences with fooddishes and outdoor dishes, table cloths, glass, acrylic, and bamboo. My talents in the kitchen, however, serve me at the smoke detector. I have no interest in cooking, but I find excitement in the delivery and delight in hearing my daughters’ chattering .

There can be many variables but don’t lose sight of what is important

Time will pass and children will be gone. For now, put wind in their sails, explore new avenues in their lives, share their excitement, get to know more about their friends, fears, and hopes for the future. Make memories there – at the table.

Let food be what brings you to the table and the sharing of thoughts, laughter, even tears bond you to one another. Each individual will be enriched for the experience, relationships will be deepened, and the foundation of society more stable.

Bon appétit!

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