5 Ways To Know You’re Doing Great In Life No Matter Your Financial Situation

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It’s all too easy to get caught up in the mini-whirlwinds of society’s low standards… what kind of car, clothes, job, house do you have, and in what part of town??? – These are very low-grade achievements; achievements made with money that may or may not have been made fairly.  They serve no greater purpose, and they are material achievements that can be taken away by Mother Nature, the repo-man, the bank, etc.

Take Away:  If a hurricane or any act of God can wipe it away, we would be fools to fall trap into thinking these are the things that define how successful we are.

1) You volunteer or donate some of your money, or time, to charity.

When we give to the poor we are working with the flow of society instead of against it. Against it would be doing whatever it takes to consume more money and possessions for yourself—dividing you from humanity.

Take Away:  Feeding a hungry belly, no matter who’s it is, feels pretty awesome.

2) You have one or two friends or acquaintances, who call you to vent.

Are you the hoist for anyone in the midst of their laments, or the ear for anyone’s strife? If you are, you probably get at least two calls per month when your sole purpose for being on the phone is to listen and possibly give some advice at the end. Some people may get these calls almost daily, others not so much.

Take Away:  Somebody feels comfortable enough to be weak around you when it is in our chemical makeup to want to hide when we’re weak.  That’s priceless and pretty incredible.

3) You’ve been humbled enough in your own life experience.

When you have, you’ll know it.  To me, this point came for me last year, when I turned 31.  At this point you stop judging others, not because you’ve been there necessarily, but because you know at any point in time, you could be.  These humbling life experiences are what molds fine character.

Take Away:  Insight and empathy are the ingredients that make us of true value to the rest of the world.be happy

4) Your job makes you happy.

I don’t know when it became commonality to hate our jobs – but hating your job, is also going against the intention of the earth. The intention of life on Earth is abundance and ease. Do plants don’t strain to grow??  On the contrary, they grow magnificently with great ease.  Don’t let fear hold you back; we shouldn’t be afraid to thrive and grow.  My fail-safe decision maker is thinking about when I’m 90-years-old, am I going to look back and say I wish I had just done x? If I feel like I would regret it, I do it. We only live once.

Take Away: If your job doesn’t take away from you (and if this is you, you know what I mean), but adds to you, you’re already far ahead of the game.

5) You own our imperfections, and you don’t make excuses for the way we are.  

When we’re officially grown up (it happens at all different ages), we own who we are. We own our mistakes, our faults, our physical features, and every facet of what makes us an individual.  We don’t make excuses because excuses are just ways in which we give away our power – our power to change and grow.

Take Away:  We have nothing to be ashamed of. We are all imperfect beings, and to act otherwise is just a lie that deteriorates society as a whole.

It doesn’t matter where you’ve been; it only matters where you’re going. I came to understand that my past is what made me the mother, writer, supporter, the partner, the friend, and the kind person I am today.


Live well!

By: Lauren Schroth

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