Join the KindWall, a new kind of Social Media Community.  With the idea that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction – and harmful words often lead to mass-murder, school shootings, and suicide –  just by saying something kind, you could save a life.  Grand movements are the result of many small acts built up, over time.

“The KindWall was created to promote kindness and to reverse the deterioration of humanity.  Everything in the KindWall is meant to encourage, inspire and love.  It’s meant to unite people from every social class, every background and of every age and location with the simple use of words.  Everything in the KindWall is without pretenses, without ulterior motives and completely pure.” –  TKW Founder Lauren Schroth

Instead of focusing on warthe KindWall focuses on acceptance. Instead of focusing on internet bullyingthe KindWall focuses on smothering people with compliments…unexpected and anonymous compliments. Instead of focusing on murder the KindWall focuses on life and the beauty of life. Instead of searching for the faults and the worst in peoplethe KindWall treats people as the treasures they are and looks for ways to encourage and uplift people. Instead of waiting for birthdays, or holidays to reach out to peoplethe KindWall uses the element of the unexpected to slice through pretenses attached to the conventional commonplace.

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